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What are the books IIM A, B, and C follow for finance, marketing, strategy and operations management?

I will talk about the broad areas, and how much they are driven by cases vs. readings/books. For the various areas i.e. economics, marketing, operations, finance, and strategy the books that we follow are:

The courses are entirely theory-driven

Finance and Accounting
The courses are largely driven by books and less by cases

Marketing and Business Research
The courses are largely driven by cases and less by books

Operations Management
The courses are largely driven by cases and less by books

The courses are driven equally by cases and books


#Atal101: 7 Sins you shouldn’t commit at an Indian Tech WorksPace! :)

Mr Dupuis via ET.IndiaTimes.com – Quote:

“Awareness is key to staying a step ahead of being laid off. Awareness with regards to the company’s financial and operational health can help serve as a barometer for whether or not you are in danger of losing your job”


#7 You are FIRED!

One of the biggest uncertainties in an employee’s life is triggered by two small words: “You’re fired!” 

#6 83% of RURAL India doesn’t have jobs, despite all the 2nd WORLD amenities 🙂

Nearly 83% of these were in rural India and, in urban areas, it was limited to specific sectors and industries. 

#5 PSU Employees and especially the HR’s are their losing jobs online LEFT, RIGHT & CENTER! 🙁

BSNL reportedly asked to remove 35,000 employees, Aircel letting go of 5,000 

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