#Atal101: 7 Sins you shouldn’t commit at an Indian Tech WorksPace! :)

Mr Dupuis via ET.IndiaTimes.com – Quote:

“Awareness is key to staying a step ahead of being laid off. Awareness with regards to the company’s financial and operational health can help serve as a barometer for whether or not you are in danger of losing your job”


#7 You are FIRED!

One of the biggest uncertainties in an employee’s life is triggered by two small words: “You’re fired!” 

#6 83% of RURAL India doesn’t have jobs, despite all the 2nd WORLD amenities 🙂

Nearly 83% of these were in rural India and, in urban areas, it was limited to specific sectors and industries. 

#5 PSU Employees and especially the HR’s are their losing jobs online LEFT, RIGHT & CENTER! 🙁

BSNL reportedly asked to remove 35,000 employees, Aircel letting go of 5,000 

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