Daily Optimisation Tasks for Facebook and Google Ads

It’s ideal to check each account each morning for daily optimizations based on this flow. Weekly or monthly I’ll review the overall strategy depending on performance.

Overall, for dozens of accounts, it takes about one hour of work each weekday morning.

Google / Facebook

Campaign –

What’s our conversion rate / CAC?

Are our KPIs on track?

Is our budget tracking well?

Google – What is our IS?

Google – Competitor tracking. Review and take notes.

AdGroup / AdSet –

Adjust bids and budgets to lower Cost Per Lead / Higher Conv Rate.

Review devices

Review time of day

Review locations

Keyword / Placement –

Review Search Terms and update negative list.

Turn off poor performing placements

Ads –

Pause poor performing ads, deploy modified new ads (2-3 ads running per ad set or adgroup)

Review ad extensions

Update and test ad copy (Facebook likes serving fresh ads, so frequent minor updates improve performance)

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