Google Play Console Reports will soon have a breakdown of organic installs per keyword data for app publishers and marketers

As reported earlier this year by ASOStack, the Google Play team has been working to release the much-awaited installs per keyword data within the Google play store console itself. Once this goes live it is going to be a big relief for internet marketers across the globe to better optimize their ASO efforts who have been trying to decode this big mystery box.

Please note that this data is still in beta and not open to a majority of App publishers(99%) globally as Google is still testing out various things here. However, we can expect this data to be available to all the App-publishers globally by this year-end(2018) max.

Google had stopped sharing this data for the past couple of months, but it has started again today (24th August 2018) for the same who were part of this beta run.

This is how the Google Play store console is going to look like:

Note: I personally don’t have this data.

Like you can see in the screenshot, the Google Play store console will have a breakdown with “search” and “explore”.  The search section is clickable and will further give you a breakdown of which keywords are getting you the most number of installs.

App publishers globally are suggesting that they can see explore section contributes as high as 50% of their Organic installs. However, this certainly differs app to app and category to category.

The explore section is not clickable for obvious reasons. The explore section in the new Google Play Store console reports means, the installs your app might have got when a user was exploring various apps on Google Play Store. This split between “explore” and “search” is quite similar to Apple Store reporting.

Google Play store keyword install data has always been a black box for marketers and app publishers. With this data officially coming from Google, it’s going to be a big sigh of relief.

Various ASO tools like and also had released this Google keyword install data as a part of their services. However, it stopped working as Google stopped this beta.

If you instantly want to know your keyword install data till the month of May 2018(data post this isn’t available), you can use any of the above-mentioned tools.

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